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Exploring Sikkim: A Retreat from the Bustle, one of the top 30 destinations to visit in 2024- National Geographic!

After the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, Delhi, or any bustling Indian metropolis, Sikkim emerges as an oasis of tranquillity. Nestled in the mountains, this small state offers pristine air, breath taking vistas, and a serene ambiance. Fluttering prayer flags evoke the neighbouring lands of Tibet and Bhutan, adding to the ethereal atmosphere. Sikkim stands as a testament to natural beauty, earning its place among the dwindling number of earthly utopias.

Despite its modest dimensions, Sikkim boasts a wealth of attractions. From the vibrant rhododendrons and idyllic valleys to architectural marvels and ancient Buddhist monasteries, the array of sights is captivating. Moreover, the majestic presence of Mount Kanchenjunga is a constant companion, visible from every corner of the state.

Buddhist traditions permeate Sikkim's culture, leaving visitors with lasting impressions. Indulge in the local Chang, a delightful staple of Himalayan cuisine—an unconventional brew crafted from fermented millets. With exhilarating hikes, postcard-perfect scenery, and captivating photo opportunities, Sikkim promises the ultimate mountain adventure of a lifetime.

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